It has been a lovely holiday, albeit too short for me who headed back into the office yesterday where I must admit I spent much of the day staring out the window and day dreaming.  Although I didn't accomplish what I had hoped to this year (handmade gifts, cookie baking) it was a special Christmas in our new house which is really starting to feel like home.  Slowly we are finding a place for things and settling in and I'm looking forward to sharing it.  Our project list is very short, thank goodness, and includes painting one wall and hanging a chandelier.  The only thing holding us back is time and the pull of my children who would rather have my attention than a finished house.  The house, like so many other things, may have to wait.

thank you house

The moving in has kind of stalled as the day to day has taken over along with a sprinkling of holiday activities.  I don't know when the pile in our living room will disperse and for now I'm deciding not to notice it. It is the tree instead that draws my attention as well as the fire in our modern fireplace - just one of the many things I absolutely love about our new place.

Another would be the bath.  Court shares in my affection and is happy to spend time splashing around.  He has even slept through the night consistently for the past week which has resulted in better moods all around and my clearer complexion.  Thank you Court. Thank you house.

Moving pictures

While we moved houses, Court coloured a really big picture.  He drew our new house and our old one, some friends, the school, the library.  We visited our new library on Saturday which is a block away and around a corner. It is small but delightful.  The librarian Jackie told me how she moved into the neighbourhood 15 years ago and how much she loves it.  I already love it. So much.

If you get up on a drizzly Monday morning, realize you have almost nothing to fill the lunch bags, this is what you will see as you walk to the bakery for fresh bagels.  And it will make you happy.

most loved

The house is quiet except for my ipod that continues to play in the kitchen.  It is because the children are with grandparents and the tv is blessedly off.  I should be packing boxes or sweeping the dust balls that I keep kicking around but it feels so good to just be still for a minute.  I found this picture on the camera - it's a present from Court.  He wrapped up a stuffed bunny for me after dinner and gave it to me at bedtime.  I had just fallen in his bed, reading book in hand and was thinking that I couldn't possibly take one more second of...anything.  He asked me to close my eyes and that nearly put me over the edge.  In fact, I think I even told him that I was tired and wanted only to read the book and go to bed when he presented me with his gift wrapped in craft paper and embellished with a painters tape pouf.

This quiet moment has allowed me to remember that moment.  A moment where a Mommy most tired remembered she was a Mommy most loved.

letting go

We are in the midst of a purge of sorts.  I'm surprised at how easily I can let go of some things and not others.  We didn't do very well with the books. I'm afraid that most will be making the move with us.  Today when I got home from work, Court came running over to me before I could even  He was so excited about some old books he had just found...ones that he hadn't seen in a while...he was literally jumping up and down.  He also made sure to tell me not to sell any of the paint brushes because he would need the little ones to make outlines - go figure.

This past weekend I hung my sheets outside for the last time to dry. I will make room at the new place for the clothespins that belonged to Kevin's grandmother as I think of her each time I pick one up.  That seems to be the trend of our letting go.  We are keeping only those things that are useful or loved.  Those clothespins are both.

The third floor balcony of what will be our new home in a couple of weeks!

it was a Halloweeny weekend

Now that we are moving into the city I've become a little obsessed with bloggers who live in the city.  If they can do it, so can I! I found Sharon through Joanna who linked to this post about 3 kids 1 room! Adorable.

And then when I lurked around Sharon's blog a little more, I found this little tidbit...

What is a balanced life anyway? I think it's a life that gives ample time and effort to things that really matter.

Yes, I do too!  And that's why we are moving in a nutshell.  I want to have time for what really matters. 

I think our Realtor was surprised when I asked to see our new home.  She said it wasn't really a "family home" but maybe I would see different.  I did.  And when she said, as we were walking out of it..." you know this is a place that you can just enjoy"...I knew it was the ONE.  So we are getting rid of stuff we don't really need, keeping only what we love and what makes us happy, and in turn hopefully finding time for what matters.  

Some pictures from our crazy birthday & Halloween weekend which found us pumpkin hiding, decorating and carving...

A change of a dress

We are moving.  It has been in the works for some time.  It was two summers ago in fact that we decided this big, old,  rambling house was just too much for us.  We worked hard turning it into something that someone else would love and someone has finally fallen. Head over heels, thank goodness, for my house with the nooks and crannies and the big old maple tree.

We are trading suburbia for the city.

A two car garage for a parking pad.

A wide house for a skinny one.

And a big back yard for a park across the street.

It is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Kind of like the birthday party I'm throwing today for Court and a bunch of his 6 year old friends.  I'm doing it out of love but I really have no idea what to expect.

Wish me luck...


The pendulum is swinging high on both sides lately...we are feeling either great sadness or joy...relief or anxiety.  Somethings never change however and that includes our annual apple pick.  This year it was HOT and unseasonable so.  Charlotte had her head in a book the entire time and Court spent most of it in the tops of trees.  I drank cold cider instead of hot and didn't know whether to be happy or sad about it.  I settled on being unsettled. 

There is so much change happening and I relish in it but I'm not quite ready to share it. It has something to do with our big old red maple and how much I am going to miss it.

This weekend we will make our pile of leaves even bigger and may find our cheeks turn rosy too.

there is the smell of wood smoke in the air

It was a tea sipping and apple cake eating kind of day where we dug in the basement bins to find last years mittens.  I also realized today that I brought a school book back to the town library and the only thing that surprised me about the whole thing was that it was the first time I have done so.  

I picked up this Hudson's Bay blanket while thrifting during the heat wave of July and it was almost painful bringing it home but I have longed for one and simply couldn't pass it by.  It is by far my best ever f i n d.  

We've traded barbecue for braising and are letting the oven warm the kitchen.  I find we're lingering there too.  There is company during the clean-up and Court asks me to dance as soon as Patty Griffin comes on...and so we do.   

autumn I adore

The simple things that make me happy. An old fashioned whistling kettle after my electric one kicked the bucket. Puzzles. And I did it. I made bread. I baked it on a Sunday and it was lunch bag bound all week. It was then and there that I decided I would do this each and every Sunday. But of course that was 4 weeks ago and it's been store bought ever since. This weekend I have hopes for more bread making, apple picking and soup stirring. Hello autumn - I adore you.

The whole wheat honey oat bread recipe was found here. It's a sweet little book...

summer saturday

When back to school week started I was feeling like a rock star. Then I unravelled.  Now I am somewhere in between. There have been small significant joys amongst the up and down.  Isn't there always? Making Emma's best pancakes and serving them with bacon from a local farm.  It has become a weekly tradition to hit the Farmer's Market, housed in the building where I work, every Friday for fresh eggs and bacon and berries.  The makings for a perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

We have to back track because I am now weeks behind in posts and I don't want to let the moments slip away.  There was the Saturday we drove the back roads to a spot where we hoped the rain wouldn't find us.  The drive ended at a small town fair and we pretended to fit in.  I realize now it would be the last hot day of the summer and the last time we craved lemonade.