During the week, the kids are offered cereal for breakfast (Cheerios or...Cheerios anyone?) or if they are really lucky a residual waffle or pancake from the weekend.  Sometimes I'll try and cook up some porridge for Court because he loves it, sprinkled with an unlimited amount of brown sugar.  I recently found myself with lots of leftovers and remembered Amanda's "leftover oatmeal" muffins.  So my bed-headed sidekick and I whipped some up. 


A light snow is falling outside and I must admit it is pretty. I know I shouldn't be saying so as just yesterday spring felt around the corner but we haven't had much snow this year and I will tell you it has felt odd.  As I rummaged through the armoire we use as a coat closet I realized that the kids have worn their snowpants only a couple of times. There has been one snow ball fight, one snowman making day, one snow fort. I am excited for spring and the green it will bring but I am also fine with a few more days and nights filled with rosy cheeks, warm fires and soup.

Do you know what is almost better than the Christmas gift Kevin and I gave to each other arriving on our doorstep months later? The box it came in.