Harvest Picnic

Harvest Picnic. Aside from the tangle of fishing line, it was a fine, fine, day. But how could it not be as we had the sun, the shade, farmers markets, Feist and each other. We tapped our toes and spun around and let watermelon drip from our chins. The picnic signalled summer's end and now Autumn is only days away.  Already I feel it's presence in the cold of the morning and the way I linger in a hot shower long enough to rid the chill. I've pulled out my boots and this weekend I will dig into the storage box of woolens for a hat. I hope to find myself picking apples, eating cider donuts and sitting in front of a fire.  Oh summer you were fun, so much fun, but fall I love you too.


  1. gorgeous photos...makes me want to go grab my kids and just snap away!

  2. susanne from oakvilleSeptember 30, 2012 at 8:12 AM

    Hello from Oakville,
    Love this shot, makes me miss my lads so much; but I remember these times with my boys, unfortunately I son't have these memories of my own growing up. I can see your love for your children in your eyes...Wonderful!

  3. I agree with you Tara ~ the summer was spectacular but I am so ready for autumn. I thought it had really arrived on Saturday then Sunday we were back to 26 with the humidity ~ mother nature ~ she is a fickle one isn't she??!!


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