I am grateful for my fun, simple, life. But I do like nice things. Always when presented with a choice, when I do not know the value, I choose the most expensive option. And when I realize this, it is then I might try and find a more suitable alternative. If I can’t, I may forgo something else, many other things, for the one special thing. Although we have simplified and pared down, we are enjoying life more than ever.

I blinked and spring was gone. It was filled with birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays. One of which was mine. I turned 40 and Kevin threw me a fantastic party. He is a party planning genius.  The best decision was taking the day off work AFTER the party and spending it with him while the kids went to school. We divided that day between the bed and the hamburger joint down the street. Hair of the dog was a cold beer, a big juicy burger and laughing at the bar.

So far summer has been sweet but simple. Ice cream at night. Picnics in the park. Bike rides before dusk. One Sunday we rode our bikes to a concert in the park, ate sandwiches on a blanket and bought ice cream cones from a truck. A combo of sorts.  Last week there was a free outdoor movie and popcorn that we just had to get home for. Oh and New York. I went to NYC by myself and it was Kevin who sent me, by surprise. But that is another post entirely.

Next week I will be on holiday and many days will be spent with friends I love dearly. More fun and we can’t wait.


A March post in April because April deserves its very own. March was about family and finishing hockey. We managed to get away for a few days over the spring break even though spring break meant snow, lots of it, and skiing. There were moments when I was ready to abandon the ski day but we pushed through and it ended up being a highlight of the trip. Court and Charlotte even braved the lift with their father while I waved from below.

The snow has finally disappeared along with our weekend trips to the arena. Last night is just rained and rained.  Court and I walked the neighbourhood with our big umbrellas and ended up at the library where we piled books into my Fieldguided tote. I love this tote which I picked up at a pop up craft show in February and is the perfect size for holding LPs. My affection for the simplest of things makes me happy - this tote, my  heart mittens, although I do wish for it to be warm enough soon not to need the latter.

February, you aren't so bad

A colleague asked me for my birth date and in turn told me that this year would be about Change, Risk Taking and Freedom. She must be mistaken because last year, 2012, was all about these things for me and my family. We moved from the suburbs to the city and Kevin started a new business. The kids started new schools and made new friends. We have too. I no longer commute and although everyone told me not to take the job, I did it anyway and it has paid off in spades. I love my city. I love its diversity and culture. Its beauty that you have to scratch away at the surface to see. It is there. 

Two weeks ago, when the storm hit, I was able to trudge through the snow drifts to work and was grateful that our vehicle never left the driveway. I came home that day to a Charlotte shoveled walk and the promise that only a weekend can bring. And there have been two of those since then - one hopelessly romantic and the other surrounded by friends. February, you have been fun in spite of yourself. 


It is February. And 2013. Hopefully it is not too late for a Christmas pic?

I spy the Beatles White album I thrifted for Kevin. Never before has he been more impressed with my second hand finds than since we started our record collection. Just this past week I have scored The Kinks Misfits and a Zombies album in mint condition.

I tried to get out Christmas cards this year but failed. Family received a pic of the kids. Here it is.

An outtake.

And Charlotte's initial bad mood which I call her Margot Tenenbaum look.

She's now in middle school and will kill me when she sees this. But she's also in middle school and therefore this is likely the least of her problems. When I'm not looking at vinyl in thrift shops, it is Judy Blume books I seek in the stacks. So far she is a fan and takes them to school where her teachers are surprised to see the books that they read at her age, in her hand.

It has been cold. So very cold that all I want to wear is wool. Head to toe. Each night I wrap myself in my wool blanket in front of the fire and let the records spin.