It is February. And 2013. Hopefully it is not too late for a Christmas pic?

I spy the Beatles White album I thrifted for Kevin. Never before has he been more impressed with my second hand finds than since we started our record collection. Just this past week I have scored The Kinks Misfits and a Zombies album in mint condition.

I tried to get out Christmas cards this year but failed. Family received a pic of the kids. Here it is.

An outtake.

And Charlotte's initial bad mood which I call her Margot Tenenbaum look.

She's now in middle school and will kill me when she sees this. But she's also in middle school and therefore this is likely the least of her problems. When I'm not looking at vinyl in thrift shops, it is Judy Blume books I seek in the stacks. So far she is a fan and takes them to school where her teachers are surprised to see the books that they read at her age, in her hand.

It has been cold. So very cold that all I want to wear is wool. Head to toe. Each night I wrap myself in my wool blanket in front of the fire and let the records spin.


  1. Such a nice surprise to see you in my reader! Its never too late for Christmas photos. Especially ones as nice as those - your kids have grown so much! Hope you are well.

  2. not too late for me...i still have my christmas post up:)
    we love records and have a nice collection but no record player, i need to fix that. your kids are getting so big, love the outtakes!
    happy 2013!

  3. So glad you posted... look how grown up your children are and how lovely your home is. I'm sure your relatives enjoyed the pic of your kids... I failed to even get that out!

  4. welcome back...thanks for your sweet comment today. Beautiful pic of your kids...hope to see more of you here.

  5. great post. beauty pics. i've been walking around with a stack of christmas photo pics in my purse and am distributing them when i run into people i should have sent one to. no one seems to care. :)

  6. Ahhh Judy Blume was always a favourite of mine and I was going to get the collection for my niece ~ I think she would like them too. So nice to see you Tara ~ the kids are growing up way too fast!


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